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There’s something about vintage caravans that invoke a sense of longing for weekends relaxing by the ocean. However, it’s nearly impossible to find a reasonably priced one in decent condition. Good news! Goldy Caravans in Queensland have designed a modern caravan with retro styling that allows you to enjoy that vintage appeal in comfort. All it took was one look and I’m fighting back the urge to scream, “shut up and take my money”.

Proudly designed and hand-built on the Gold Coast, they’ve captured the appeal of the 1960’s rounded Viscount vans and created something better. Why are they better? I’m glad you asked. It’s because they have that fantastic retro look yet they are lightweight, have no aging issues and feature modern touches in a distinct vanlife styling.

“We had a background in renovating vintage caravans and decided to move away from that and produce our own brand-new caravan, which would also avoid the issues with sourcing and then obviously fixing old vans and all the dramas that go with that. We created our own blueprints (based on a 60’s viscount van) and they’re made here on the Gold Coast using Australian-made parts mostly, and using Australian workers…”
Goldy Caravans Director, Adam Hudson

With a tare weight of just over 1000kg, the 4.88 metre (16ft) vintage touring caravans are light enough to tow without drama. Don’t expect to take this baby off-road though, they are principally designed to be towed on-road and used at powered caravan camping sites. However, there are options you can add to your build that will allow you weekends away sans power and plumbed water.

The styling is the winner with these caravans, featuring old-school push-out windows on all four sides, retro colours and vintage-look appliances and fittings. Old school doesn’t mean poor quality though, these vans are made by a diverse bunch of Aussies workers who care about the products they produce.

Choose from four vinyl wrap colours for the lower body of the caravan: lemon, turquoise, baby blue or pastel pink. Any other colour or design (including business branding) can be organised for an additional cost. If you choose to have an air-con installed, it’s thoughtfully fitted under the bed so it doesn’t spoil the clean profile of the van.

Standard inclusions:

  • Steel retro wheels with chrome dress rings, hubcaps and whitewall tyres

  • Disc brakes and custom-designed wheel spats

  • Fold up jockey wheel

  • Fibreglass insulated body

  • Large roof hatch, with lighting, shade and insect options

  • 9 x Wind out windows with clear acrylic and insect screens

  • 4 x Corner wind-down stabilisers & footpads

  • Dining area with 4x cushions

  • A table that lowers down to create a second bed

  • 12V Battery management system

  • 240v 130L retro style fridge

  • Timber bench-top, stainless steel sink and brass tap

  • Dual colour exterior in one of our four standard colours

  • External towel rail

  • All LED towing lights

  • 12V Exterior light, 12V Pendant light in the dining area and 12V Ceiling light in the bedroom

  • Splash-back with 2x dual power outlets and USB power chargers

  • Overhead cabinets and tall wardrobe cupboard

  • Portable induction cooktop

  • Waterproof hybrid flooring

  • Electrical safety switch, 15A caravan inlet

  • Queen bed base, foam mattress and storage underneath

  • Entrance step

  • Spare tyre and mount

Standard optional extras include:

  • Roadside or full wrap protection from chips and road damage

  • Ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning

  • Custom, weather-proof side awning

How much will a new Goldy Caravan cost?

Pricing for a Goldy Caravan starts at $69,750 towaway. As that Goldy Caravans are a new manufacturer, their website currently states a wait time of under 90 days on new orders.

Written by Jessica Palmer

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