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Vintage Caravans


Beautiful caravans,
built for life…

In a world obsessed with speed, efficiency and technology, there is something magical about yesteryear products that were created with a different set of values in mind.

Those ideals, and the designers and engineers that upheld them when creating their products, produced some of the most beautiful cars, appliances and all manner of good things that have stood the test of time and remain loved by many to this day.

At Goldy Caravans, we hand-build what we believe to be the most beautiful caravans in the world, for the sole purpose of creating wonderful memories for your family that will last a lifetime.

Designed and built on the Gold Coast of Australia (known by Aussies as “The Goldy”), we employ a diverse group of awesome Australian workers who actually care about the products they produce.



Time isn't the main thing, it's the only thing.

- Miles Davis.


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Attention To Detail

Goldy Caravans are unlike any new caravan on the market today.

Like many of life’s most memorable people, our gorgeous vans are colourful on the outside but warm and authentic on the inside.

If you love the retro look but you’re not super excited about the weight, “ageing issues”, and lack of modern technology that is common in many of the old ladies of the highways, then a Goldy is just the ticket.

Also, because they’re brand new, you can easily finance them and they come with a warranty.

Tow-away from


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Colour Me Happy!

Goldy Caravans attract a crowd no matter where you take one. This is partly due to their beautiful colours.

Here are our standard external colours but you can *also have your Goldy wrapped in literally any color, design or pattern.

(*additional fees apply).


We have three options for showers and toilets in our vans.

1) Internal ensuite

2) External ensuite

3) No ensuite

Be sure to speak to us about your needs and we can guide you to the best solution for your caravanning needs.


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