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About Us

About Us

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Our specialty is providing stylish, high quality, Australian made caravans, using local suppliers and local labour. Our Californian/Aussie interior designer puts every effort and thought in to beautifully crafted designs. Our labour team makes sure every detail of construction is of high quality. And our founder makes your buying experience the most personal and supported as it can be. 

Seamless designs, from the drawing boards right through to build. 

See how we do things at Goldy Caravans on our Youtube Channel

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Our Story

The idea for Goldy Caravans came when our founder was thinking back on memories with his father who had recently passed away. He realised that some of his fondest moments were created on their caravanning camping trips.


With this idea, the purpose of Goldy Caravans was formed. To make caravans that provide a warm space for life to be enjoyed, in nature, with loved ones, and memories to be made. 

Our founder has long had a passion for old-school vehicles, and has previously restored numerous classic cars. Later on, this led to restoring Franklin, Millard and Viscount caravans. Over time however, this became difficult due to sourcing parts and good renovation projects, the old vans were not built to today's standards and so this kickstarted the exploration of new vans with classic vibes.

The Goldy Caravans team then reinvented the flimsily constructed vans of the 60's, with durability and design at the forefront, to be the incredible caravans you see today. 

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