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Rent Your Goldy Caravan And Earn $350/Day? Retro & Vintage Caravans On AirBNB 66% ROI ...

Imagine if you could buy a rental property for under $100,000 that returned about $5,500/month in net income? That's about 66% return on capital, trouncing traditional real estate returns of between 3% and 8% depending on what you buy and where. Sure, they won't have the capital appreciation, but so far as cash flow goes, that's pretty hard to beat! According to this incredible story on Chanel 7, these ridiculous numbers are being surpassed by this wonderful couple in their late 50's who are renting out their vintage caravan on Airbnb.

Situated on their 12-acre property in Pumpenbil in Northern NSW, right near the Queensland border, "Stevie", a renovated 1973 Viscount Royale has generated in excess of $100,000 after AirBNB fees in its first 18 months on the platform. That's about $5,500/month!

What these two budding entrepreneurs have done right is that they invested in creating a truly amazing farm-stay by adding a permanent deck, a proper awning, and a minimalist (but very stylish) Swedish hot tub that takes in the stunning views of their rural hideaway.

It also probably doesn't hurt that they are both retired chefs that offer to cook for their guests as well!

Talk to us today about how you can provide a visually differentiated accommodation option like these awesome people have, using Goldy's to generate income for your family.

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