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Goldy Brought The Vintage Vibes To The Sunshine Coast In Our First Ever Caravan Show

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Well, that was a fun few days!

Jamie, Adam, and a few of their friends and family were in attendance at the Nambour Caravan & Camping show to show our stunning retro caravans to the world for the very first time, and what a reception they received.

There was hardly a moment where less than 5 or 6 people weren't popping their heads through the wind-out windows to take a look at what were easily the brightest and airiest vans on show.

In a world of off-road vans, dominated by black, grey, and checker-plate, the bright pastels of our two display vans stood out like crazy and they attracted a smiling crowd who routinely commented, "These are amazing!"

And right there was the proudest moment for all of us here at Goldy.

After months of hard work to bring these to market, seeing people's smiles involuntarily sweep over their faces as their eyes landed on our retro caravans for the very first time, our hearts were warmed and we began to feel that we were indeed on the right track with what we are trying to do.

With that said, here are a few photos from the weekend.

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